10 Amazing Robot Animals That Really Exist

The one who will take you to discover the most interesting things on earth So far, when it comes to robots, the giant robots in epic movies are the first thing that pop to our mind.

What about robotic animals? I’m sure there’re only a few people notice them. Somewhere on this planet, many large companies are focusing on robotic animal research.

Is there going to be a global domination of robots? Or is it just to serve human life in the future? Contrary to the ferocity like in the movies, the robotic animals in real life look lovely and gentle Let’s get started with: 10 Robots That Amazingly Look Like Animals

10. Kangaroo robot

German scientists have recreated the way the Australian kangaroo’s jumping movements on robots, called biological Kangaroo robots, which are built by Festo – Germany’s leading technology company, mimicking kangaroo’s movement.

One of the most important points of a kangaroo jump is the very special structural ligament, and in the artificial kangaroo, Festo’s engineers have used plastic flexible springs.

The robot is equipped with advanced technologies that allow it to jump vigorously while maintaining balance and endurance.

9. Robotic ants

Ants in the movie look like a giant animal but they only have a modest body length of 13cm Ants are made of scientific technique “bionicant” and they move in a group.

The soul of the ant is a radio modum on which has the exact coordination, helping the groups of robots to work well with each other to accomplish the same task as the way other insects work!

8. Robot Giraffe

A product from a famous robot manufacturing company, Boston Dynamic, Spot Mini robot has some impressive features such as jumping on the stairs, putting dishes into the dishwasher and handing soda cans for the controller.

The robot is impressed because of its attractive appearance like a giraffe, 2m long and light weight 25kg. In order to move faster, rotating and jumping high, the robot is equipped with 2 wheels at its feet along with advance technology both hardware and software Beside working on a balanced surface, this robot can cross the lawns or even jump highly to avoid barriers.

The robot also integrates with the ideology system to finish its tasks beside following human’s directions.

7. Shark

Scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a robotic fish that can swim like a real shark, allowing it to swim under water and get closer to those other creatures, making it easier to explore the world of marine life on the ocean floor.

Although underwater robots are not new, they are usually attached to boats or pushed under water by boosting motors. Called SoFi, this soft robot has a superior, more independent approach.

Its outside is made of silicon rubber and plastic, the inside is a lithium-polymer battery to power the servo motor,which pumps water into two chambers like a balloon, working like a piston engine.

6. Robotic spider

Thinking of spiders will make many people scared but no, the robotic spider inspired by the spider named Flic-Flac is quite interesting and cute. The Cebrennus rechenbergi spider with the nicknamed Flic-Flac, is known as the world’s best acrobatic dancer.

They live in the Sahara and have a very unique way of moving, which is acrobatics. The reason why they have to move in such an acrobatic manner is to avoid being burned by the hot sand up to tens degrees Celsius.

It is known that Festo’s robotic spider has 8 legs and 15 engines in the knee and torso. When it rolls up, only 6 of the legs are pulled back, while the other two legs are pushed and rolled forward. By integrating inertial sensors, the robot can know the position and when to roll.

5. Robotic snake

Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan and Electro-Communications University recently successfully tested a specially designed robotic snake.

This solid robot was introduced at the International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies in Spain in 2019 Unlike conventional robots with cute looks, this robot snake has a black design.

It looks a bit scary from a distance. The solid robot is controlled by the Playstation controller. In the researchers’ experiment, they let the robot climb a ladder.

The team said that the robot moves by forming basic and similar shapes to joints of bones or heart muscles, allowing the robot to switch and climb like a snake.

The flexible joints of the robotic snake make it possible to learn the movements of snakes in nature According to scientists, the development of this robotic snake will help the rescue process in the future because it can weave through rough terrain and narrow.

4. Robotic bird

A product of Festo – a German company which is considered one of the unique inventions. The robotic bird was inspired by herring gull. With small materials weighing about 450g with a wingspan of 1.96 m long.

Especially, this robotic bird can automatically take off, fly and land without any control system. There are two electric motors placed inside the robotic bird’s belly which are connected to the device in the bird’s head to change the direction of flight, and connected to the wings to send commands to move to any side.

Many different applications will be used for those birds. This robotic bird can fly and land smoothly like a real bird. The uniqueness of this model has attracted the attention of thousands of visitors who attended the exhibition.

3. Cheetah Robot

Although relying on the ‘blind maneuvering’ model, the cheetah robot can still jump, run over difficult terrain, climb over debris, and maintain balance when being pushed.

The 4-legged robot weighs approximately 32kg, equivalent to the weight of a female leopard. Cheetah was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This robot is designed to overcome obstacles even though it is not fitted with cameras or environmental sensors.

It is programmed with many movements that allow it to move back and forth, rotating from side to side. The MIT inventor group expects the robot to perform tasks that are considered too dangerous for humans, such as search and rescue.

2. BionicOpter

BionicOpter was officially launched at the Hannover Messe technology exhibition It has a length of nearly 50cm, a wingspan of 63cm and weighs 175g, can be controlled remotely via the application installed on smartphones.

With 4 wings made of carbon fiber and plastic, each wing operates independently. They are light enough to be able to beat 20 beats / second and create thrust to help it Fly in all directions.

1. Aibo

Not as violent as the robot dog in the movies, Aibo is an extremely gentle and lovely dog. Sony’s Aibo robotic dog since its launch in 1999 has received the Japanese’s love After 2 decades, the version of the aibo was updated in 2018, which is a much better version than the last model As big as a small hound, Aibo just weighs less than 5 pounds.

Li-ion Battery allows Aibo to work for 2 hours and 3 hours to fully charge. The new Aibo is equipped with advanced AI technology so that he can, over time interact, learn from his family members and surroundings to develop his own personality.

With a high price of $ 2,900 , many people have to wonder for a purchase although the dog possesses impressive technology features. The power of artificial intelligence is so badass. Will those robotic animals be a part of our life someday soon?

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