9 Big Pet Animals In The World

Cute animals like small doggies and kitties may not be strange to everyone. So do you wanna know the biggest animals that humans have ever taken care of like real “PET”?

A giant pig weighing 900kg, a chicken weighing 18 kg or a rat weighing up to 51kg. Sounds interesting, right? Now, let’s go to: 9 favorite big pets of human

Number 9: 900kg pig

Pigs may not be strange to humans, but huge pig weighing as much as 15 men may not be seen by anyone, yet they do exist.

They are raised by human and even become pets. The local agricultural museum in Liaoning (China) has registered with the Guinness World Record to be recognized the pig here as one of the largest pigs in the world.

This pig has a length of 2.5m, a waist of 2.23m, a tooth of 14.4 cm and a weight of 900 kg! According to a farmer in Wafangdian city, the pig was only 5 years old and just died on May 5th, 2010.

8: The largest 1-ton cow

Chilli is a friendly, gentle and obedient cow. This black-and-white Friesian cow weighs more than 1 ton and is 1.95m tall, the same height as a baby elephant, while her relatives are usually only about 1.5m tall.

She has lived in the Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset, England since she was 6 days old.

“Chilli is getting bigger and bigger, easier for us to recognize it as taller than the other cows,” the sanctuary manager said.

However, despite her bulky appearance, Chilli still roamed the field grazing and eating turnips like the others.

7: American panda

Bandit was named “the fattest panda in the world” in the book of Guinness World Records. Bandit is a North American mammal.

This is the largest species of the panda family, they are nocturnal and predatory Bandit was born with thyroid problem, which is why this panda suddenly gained weight up to over 30kg, much heavier than its fellows.

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Usually this species has a long body of 40 –70 cm and weighs 3.5–9 kg. Bandit was adopted by a dog and cared for as a puppy until it was adopted by a woman in Palmetorn. Unfortunately, Bandit passed away in 2004 with a weight of 34kg.

6: 156kg dog

Zorba, a dog living in London, held the Guinness World Record for the largest dog in 1989. It belongs to the English Mastiff breed.

This is the heaviest dog in the world and also in the top of the world’s largest dog I mentioned in the previous video.

At the age of 8, Zorba had a height of 2.51m measured from the nose to the tip of the tail and weighed 156kg. If Zorba was still alive, the record of the largest dog would surely belong to him.

5: 1.1-ton horse

The world’s tallest horse today is Big Jake, of the Gelding, one of the strongest and heaviest draft horses: the Belgian, at Smokey Hollow farm in the America.

It is known that Big Jake is one of the largest horses. “He was huge when he was born and weighed about 109 kg.”

Guinness World Record measured Jake’s height of 210.2 cm, weight of 1.1 tons and officially recognized it as the world’s tallest living horse compared to the average height of Belgian horses is about 163 – 173 cm.

Every day, this giant horse consumes about 1.5 bundles of grass and 37.8 kg of oak seeds. Although this horse looks big, he loves to play and be kind, close to the owner.

4: 22kg rabbit

The next animal on this list is the 5-year-old rabbit, Darius, of the Continental Giant breed raised in England.

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Darius weighs 22 kg and has a body length of about 1.2 m, equivalent to a 6-year-old baby. With this size, Darius is recognized as the world’s largest rabbit.

Because of his large body, Darius’s daily diet is always more than others normal. In one day, he can eat all 12 carrots along with cabbages, apples and two bowls of synthetic food.

The money to buy carrots for Darius in a year is quite expensive, about 4,000USD. Wow, equal to the income of normal worker, incredible!

The owner of Darius said the rabbit is very gluttonous and will never stop eating if not being noticed.

“I let him eat as much as he wants, but he always wants to eat more. Darius is a pretty obedient rabbit and addicted to carrots” Well, they look so adorable, I love having one like this!

3: 14kg cat

Have you seen what a large cat will look like? If not, then check out the previous clip, we talked about the 10 world’s largest cats, and this one is also one of them.

Recently in Australia, people have found the world’s largest cat with a length of up to 1.2m and an incredible weight of 14kg This cat is called Omar and currently lives with her owner Stephy Hirst in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

It is known that Omar is a breed of Maine Coon. At first, Ms. Hirst just tended to upload Omar’s pictures on Instagram to share with her friends.

But soon, the images of the oversized cat were quickly spread on social networks. Even the Guinness World Records contacted Stephy to inquire about Omar.

The daily food of this cat is raw kangaroo. Perhaps so after a year, Omar has grown rapidly and in the future it’s still growing.

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And now the most exciting moment of the video is to discover the most controversial picture The image of a man taking a giant rooster makes many people overwhelmed.

With a height of 1.24m, this giant rooster belongs to Indian breed in the state of Sao Paulo of Brazil, becomes the world’s largest chicken and is concerned by the media and the public in South America. Now, let’s get back to

2: 18kg chicken

The majestic Brahma chicken is one of the largest chicken breeds in the world. The average weight is about 8-10kg/ each, even the “mutant” individuals may weigh up to 18kg.

Wow! So surprised! A chicken is as big as a dog, everyone! Being bred from Shanghai chicken of China, they have head feathers spreading on both cheeks, large legs and 3 strong spurs.

With a frightening weight and very large eggs, Brahma chicken was once extremely popular. This is undoubtedly the largest breed of chicken that humans have ever raised.

1: Giant 51kg mouse

A giant mouse originating from South America has become the special pet of an American couple.

Melanie Typaldos, 57, and her husband Richard Loveman, 54, living in Buda, Texas, adopted a mouse named Gary, weighing more than 50 kg.

Gary is recognized as the largest rodent in the world with a weight of 51kg. For grandparents, Gary is a domestic pet, like other cats or dogs.

Gary has become a member of the family and would love to swim with his owner. Notice that Gary has a hobby for swimming, the Texas couple planned to build for Gary a pool on the ground.

The owner said that “Gary is very affectionate, sociable with the animals in the house and he likes sleeping with us”. These giant candidates will be the ideal pets that everyone wants.

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