Nettle – Healing Properties

Our grandmothers often gave us this plant in various forms during our childhood. The nettle, underestimated by us, has many health properties, classified as an immunostimulant, it improves the body’s immunity and helps in the fight against anemia.

Nettle, or Urtica dioica  L., is a plant containing vitamins A, K, B2, C and many macro and micronutrients, such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, iodine, silicon and sodium. It also contains serotonin to improve our mood, as well as compounds that are part of enzymes that regulate metabolism.

Medicinal Properties of Nettle

This inconspicuous plant, thanks to its properties, will help us take care of our health. When added to dishes, it will improve our digestion and metabolism. The compounds contained in the nettle improve the work of the pancreas, liver, and stomach. It is helpful in the treatment of urinary tract diseases, as it acts as a diuretic, it helps to excrete toxic substances, such as uric acid deposits, from the body It prevents fluid retention in the body. Often used to treat arthritis. It is recommended to use nettle in diarrhea and intestinal catarrh. It stimulates the production of antibodies during the infection. Like iron preparations, it has a hematopoietic effect, which is effective in the treatment of anemia and mineral deficiencies.

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Of course, we can buy ready-made nettle juices, but it is best to make the juice yourself at home from the nettle leaves you collect. We prepare the juice from fresh or dried leaves. Fresh leaves can be blended or thrown into a juicer after scalded with boiled water. The juice obtained in this way is diluted with water in an amount of half and a half. We can rinse the throat and mouth with this mixture. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, we can also use this juice to wash the skin in diseases such as acne or abscesses.

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Nettle tea

Make an infusion of nettle from 2 tablespoons of dried leaves, pouring a glass of boiling water. Then, after waiting a few minutes, strain it and drink this tea 2-3 times a day between meals.

Nettle – price, where to buy?

Nettle in Poland is a common plant, it grows in meadows and roadside roads. For this reason, its price is quite low. Nettle leaves can be purchased at prices from 3 to 8 PLN per 100 g. For utility purposes, however, let’s take care of the source of the raw material. It is best if we can grow nettles in our own garden. If we do not have such an opportunity, it is worth looking for a nettle leaf with an appropriate ecological certificate. Then we are sure about the highest quality of raw materials and safety for health. We recommend high-quality BIO-certified nettle leaves.

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Nettle juice

It is also worth paying attention to the assortment of health food stores. There we can find various nettle products with a reliable and proven source. In addition to the leaves, we also have a choice of nettle extract in the form of capsules. Then we can easily provide the body with highly concentrated active substances contained in the nettle. When choosing capsules, it is worth paying attention to their composition. Choose products that contain 100% nettle extract. 

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