Top 10 Most Successful Korean Celebrities, Men and Women in the World

Top 10 Most Successful Korean Celebrities, Men and Women in the World

1. Seunghwan Oh: $ 2.75 Million /Year

Top 10 on this list was taken by Korea’s best baseball player. Seung-Hwan Oh is a professional baseball relief pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Major League Baseball. The Korean relief pitcher also played in Korea’s KPO league and Japanese professional baseball.

Seunghwan Oh is considered one of the closest people in Korean baseball history. The 34-year-old baseball player has been tagged as a ‘stone Buddha’, capable of maintaining an emotionless face in all situations. After signing a one-year contract with the St. Louis Cardinals for $250,000 in January 2016, Seunghwan Oh has become a big name in South Korea.

2. Hyunjin Ryu: 7 Million Dollars / Year

Another baseball player who made Korea on this list. Hyunjin Ryu has spent four seasons in the KBO League, playing for the LA Dodgers in MLB. As a starting pitcher, he became a Korean player and played as a starting pitcher for MLB games.

At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Hyun-Jin Ryu played a role in winning a gold medal for the Korean baseball team. He played a very important role in this victory. Hyunjin Ryu signed a six-year, $36 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013. Currently, he is making a hit of $7.8 million with a base salary of $7 million.

3. Lee Min-ho: $58,700 USD/Episode

The voice of millions at the age of 29 is a great actor and singer. This Korean TV actor became famous in 2009 for his role as Gu Jun-pyo in the Korean TV series Boys Over Flowers. The series spread his fame as an actor and paved the way for him to become a film actor with the 2015 movie ‘Gangnam Blues’.

The youngest actor on this list and arguably one of the most famous Korean actors in the world, Lee Actors charge $58,700 USD/episode regardless of drama. His most famous TV series are ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘The Heir’, which has won multiple awards.

4. So Ji-sub: $67,100 / Episode

The 39-year-old Sub is a Korean actor and rapper. Although he entered the glamorous industry as a jeans model, he played the character of Cha Mu-hyuk in the 2004 TV series ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’. His other notable films and TV shows include ‘Cain and Abel’, ‘Sophie’s Revenge’ and the film ‘Rough Cut’.

So Ji-sub has also released several hip-hop EPs. This superstar has won many awards for almost every TV show he has done. With a net worth of $16 million in total, the actor is expected to receive $67,100 USD/episode.

5. Join in: $67,100 USD/Episode

Starting as a teenager in the industry, the man was named the sixth highest-paid actor in the Korean entertainment industry. Jo In-seong, 35, debuted in 1998 and began his acting career after 2000 with a lead role in the drama ‘School 3’. However, he gained public attention through the TV series ‘What Happened in Bali’ and ‘The Wind Blows’.

The mainstay of his success and popularity came when he appeared in the films ‘The Dirty Carnival’, ‘The Classic’ and ‘A Frozen Flower’. This charismatic actor has won many awards for his outstanding work. The current actor’s ransom is $67,100 USD/episode.

6. Youngae Lee: $83,500 USD/Episode

This amazing beauty has amazed people with her talent and elegance. Lee Young-ae took the world stage as a model in 1991 and she made her debut as an actress shortly after 1993 in the drama ‘How’s Your Husband?’ She is a prominent actress and is best known to audiences around the world for her lead role in the Korean historical drama ‘Dae Jang Geum’, which was a huge success for her.

This role gave wings to her success, and her popularity grew exponentially. The winning actress at the Cinema Nila International Film Festival was also critically acclaimed for her role in the crime thriller film Empathy for a Lady (Mr. In 2017, the actress decided to return to TV screens after a break of 12 years.

7. Hyun Bin: $83,900 USD/Episode

One of the most popular male celebrities in Korea today is Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin, who made his name known around the world, is best known for his roles in ‘My Name is Sam-Soon Kim’, ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘The World They Live In’. Even at the age of 34, the actor still attracts millions of attention and has a place on this list.

He made his debut in 2002 with a movie called ‘The Shower’, and his smoke didn’t make the film released. Finally, in 2003 he happened with the TV series Bodyguard. The hot-blooded actor is currently estimated to be charging $83,900 USD/episode.

8. Jeon Ji-hyun: $83,900 USD/Episode

Another actress on this list is currently the highest paid actress in Korea. She secured a third position on the male-dominant list. Jun Ji Hyun, also nicknamed CF Ji Hyun, is a South Korean model and actress who started out as a model at the age of 16. At the age of 19, in her film White Valentine, she gained world fame for her role in her film My Sassy Girl.

After this blockbuster movie, she became a popular actress and she also appeared in many super hit films. Known in Hollywood as ‘Gianna Jun’, this beautiful 35-year-old actress is one of Korea’s most popular celebrities. She says the actress earned more than $11.5 million from endorsements alone throughout her career.

9. Soohyun Kim: $83,900 USD/Episode

Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun is known worldwide for ‘Dream High’, ‘The Moon Hugs My Son’ and ‘My Love From Another Star’. Another star’s hit drama The 29-year-old actor became the highest paid actor in the Korean entertainment industry and an international star.

He made his TV debut with the drama ‘Kimchi Cheese Smile’ in 2007, followed by super hit films such as ‘The Thief’ and ‘Secretly and Greatly’. Aside from movies and TV shows, great actors are also involved in many commercials.

10. Shinsoo Choo: $20 Million/Year

Shin-Soo Choo, a 34-year-old baseball player, made an impressive salary of $20 million a year. The crossover baseball star currently plays for the Texas Rangers in MLB, playing for the Reds, Indians and Mariners. In 2013, the baseball legend signed a seven-year contract with the Texas Rangers for $130 million. With a current market value of $11.2 million, the astonishing player is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid celebrities in Korea in 2017.

These 10 are currently the highest paid and most successful celebrities in Korea. They not only entertain the world with their talents, but also make their country proud.

Leading the life of a celebrity has never been easier. One day, even personal life will become entertainment, but these stars are good enough to balance their professional and personal lives. That’s why you can write your name on this list.

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