5 Largest Ships in the World

5 Largest Ships in the World

5 Largest Ships in the World

These are the largest ships in the world. From military vessels to cruise ships and tankers! They’re REALLY REALLY LARGE ships! The Titanic is possibly the most famous ship ever built and though during its time it was at a record size, today it doesn’t even make the list of the top ten biggest ships ever built.

Though many of the ships on this list will soon be dwarfed by much larger ones in the near future, these ships are among the largest in both weight and size to ever grace the majestic seas to date.

5. The Esso Atlantic Class Supertankers

Holding down the fifth position on this list is the Esso Atlantic Class Supertankers, which was a fleet of three ships that were decommissioned in 1990. The first of the three became operational in the year 1977.

The first Esso Atlantic comes in at a deadweight tonnage of 516,731, and during its time was the largest ship ever built in Japan. Throughout its lifespan, the first Esso Atlantic was primarily used for services between the Middle East and Europe.

Along with its magnificent size, the first Esso Atlantic boasted an impressive dimension with a length of approximately 1,384 feet.

4. Batillus

At number four is a ship often referred to as a super tanker, and was constructed and officially launched in the year 1976. The Batillus was the first vessel of what became the homonymous Batillus class of supertankers.

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Shortly after its construction and commission, the Batillus was joined by her sister ships known as Bellamya, Pierre Guillaumat, and Prairial. At the time of the Batillus construction, the largest ship known to man was the Seawise Giant, and the Batillus quickly became the second largest ship in the world with a deadweight tonnage of 553,662.

3. Pierre Guillaumat

The Pierre Guillaumat is one of the ships on this list that will quite possibly still have a position on this list for the next century or two. Today this ship holds the record of being the third largest ship to have ever have been constructed in history.

The Pierre has been out of commission and even scrapped for several decades now, but when it was operational the Pierre Guillaumat weighed approximately 555,000 tons and had a length of 1,360 feet.

The Pierre Guillaumat was constructed in the year 1977 by Chantiers de I’Atlantique and was named after a French politician who was also the founder of Elf Aquitaine Oil Industries. The Pierre Guillaumat had a magnificent 6 year tour on the deep blue before it was eventually disposed of as scrap metal.

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2. Prelude FLNG

5 Largest Ships in the World
Image by shell.com

Sitting comfortably in the second position is the Prelude, though the Prelude is not the largest ship ever constructed it is still one of the largest ships in the world currently; the Prelude definitely deserves a position on this list.

It stands at a startling 1,601 feet in length and at 234 feet in width and this is the largest ship in terms of length ever constructed.

The Prelude is often described as longer than the Empire State Building. The Prelude takes the number two position due to the fact that weight takes precedence in this list and the Prelude weighs close to 600,000 tons, which is extremely close to the size of the first largest ship on this list; though not surpassing it.

1. Seawise Giant

5 Largest Ships in the World

The ship that takes first place is a ship so massive that it had not one, not two, but five different names associated with it. The Seawise Giant, also known as Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, Mont, and Knock Nevis was the largest ship ever built in its time and the Seawise Giant is still the largest ship in the record books.

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During its years of operation, it stood at a magnificent weight of 657,019 tons and encompassed a length of 81 feet.  The Seawise Giant took its first voyage in the year 1979, at which time it was the property of Sumitomo Heavy Industries and operated under the name Seawise Giant.

The Seawise Giant, unfortunately, got damaged during the Iran-Iraq war and was considered completely lost until it was bought, salvaged, and repaired by Norman International; this was when the Seawise Giant underwent its first name change from the Seawise Giant to Happy Giant.

The now Happy Giant was sold to one Jorgen Jahre in the year 1991 where it underwent its second name change from Happy Giant to Jahre Viking. The now Jahre Viking stayed under the ownership of Jorgen Jahre for over a decade until 2004.

In 2004 the ship was bought by First Olsen Tankers, where it underwent its fourth name change from Jahre Viking to Knock Nevis. The Seawise Giant saw its fifth and final name change from Knock Nevis to Mont in 2010 when it was purchased by Amber Development. In January of that same year, the Seawise Giant made its final voyage which was to India where the ship was scrapped.

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