9 Hidden Treasures Around The World You Can Still Find

9 Hidden Treasures Around The World You Can Still Find

9 Hidden Treasures Around The World You Can Still Find

Treasure maps and buried booty aren’t a thing of kid’s imaginations. Far and wide beseech treasures so bountiful it could made anyone a millionaire— anyone able to find it, that is. 

9 Hidden Treasures Around The World You Can Still Find

1. Nazi Heist 

Throughout the 1930’s and 40’s, the Nazi’s terrorized Europe, plundering through the homes of many and departing with stolen fortunes of art, jewelry, and family heirlooms of impressive meaning and value.

As the waves of World War II began to backlash over the Nazi regime however, the men took to hiding whatever valuables they had in their possession at the time.

As the end of their reign grew imminent there became no better option than to dump a hefty amount of these stolen riches into Lake Toplitz— a large body of water nestled in nearby Austria.

2. The Desert’s Gold Mine 

A man named Leon Trabuco and a few of his business partners had an idea. The brilliant scheme? Carefully conceal sixteen tons of gold in the desolate desert of New Mexico.

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The plan was a preemptive attempt at increasing the value of the gold, an honest hustle in the face of a starving economy. Counting on the high rise in value rendered by this arrangement, the men stowed as much gold away as possible.

Apparently, they did so a little longer than advised, as soon after the depression private ownership of gold was firmly forbidden.

3. The Treasure of Jean & Pierre LaFitte

Somewhere near Lake Borgne, somewhat off the coast of New Orleans, situated five kilometers east of the Old Spanish Trail, a gang of pirates buried their riches in a gum tree grove.

In another account, the same gang concealed several caches of loot in various places along the sprawling coast of Texas to Louisiana. Brothers Jean and Pierre LaFitte were French bandits who made a hefty living by attacking merchant ships along the Gulf of Mexico; after settling in Texas however, the pair made Galveston their headquarters and appointed a mischievous band of privateers to join their team.

In 1915 a New Orleans worker claimed to have unearthed a chest bursting with 1,500 doubloons; In 1960, just across the river from New Orleans, a few gold coins were found.

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4. The Beale Code

A rather strange case of treasure unbeknownst lies somewhere in between the mind of a dead man and Bedford County, Virginia. This case is widely known as the Beale Ciphers, based on the way Thomas Beale arranged his prospective treasure hunt in the 1820’s.

Beale created the three ciphertexts unscripted in code. Holes in this story include historical debate whether Thomas J.

5.The Colonel’s Confederate Coins 

For anyone interested in making a quick and easy 350,000, look no further than a set of two pine trees located in Fairfax County, Virginia. If that isn’t vague enough, even the man who owned the loot had no idea where it had been buried, at least that’s according to one account.

6.France’s Golden Owl 

In 1993, a man by the pseudonym “Max Valentin” decided to send everyone in France on a wild goose chase— or, golden owl, so to speak. 

In his book, Sur La Trace de La Chouette d’Or (The Hunt for The Golden Owl), Valentin includes eleven enigmas to aid in the chase. To solve the mystery, a dedicated seeker must apply a combination of scientific knowledge with imagination and a good head for codes.

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7. The 200 Million off the Coast in Key West

On July 20th, 1985, a professional treasure hunter by the name of Mel Fisher happened upon 500 million dollars worth of lost cargo less than 160 kilometers off the coast of Key West, Florida – but an estimated $200 million dollars still remains undiscovered.

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Today, the waters lend speculation of more to come, as the gold mine protects an additional seventeen tons of silver bars, 128,000 coins, twenty-seven kilograms of emeralds and about thirty-boxes of church gold. In 1622, several cargo ships had one very important task: they were commissioned as Spanish treasure ships, carrying the wealth across the open sea.

One such ship, La Nuestra de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha), was caught in the midst of a hurricane near the Keys on its return to Spain.

8. The Oak Island Money Pit

Off the shores of Novia Scotia, the mystery of the Money Pit has mocked and manipulated treasure trolls for years. The legend of the Money Pit dates back centuries past, to a time when piracy was at an all-time high.

9. Forrest Fenn’s Hidden Treasure

Inside Fenn’s one square foot, forty-pound treasure chest are rubies, emeralds, diamonds, gold coins, and other fascinating artifacts which the ex-pilot excavated himself in sometimes controversial situations.

The only clues to the hunt exist in a detailed map of the Rocky Mountains, with a poem written by Fenn titled: “The Thrill of the Chase.”

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