Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World

If you think all birds are cute and lovely and they just fly around and don’t do any harm to humans, you’re wrong. Some birds are really dangerous.

They can lock you up inside your own house, they can make you a cripple, poison, or even stab you. Not because they hate you or anything but because they are programmed to survive.

So is it possible that a bird can be more dangerous than a human being Lets find out!

1. Giant Petrels

When you think about dangerous marine dwellers, the first type that comes to mind is the shark. Well, certainly not a bird. So maybe Macronecte sgiganteus will change your mind.

It’s a very aggressive bird and it feeds both on carrion and regular prey. These guys usually weight about 11 pounds. Their wingspan is something like 7 feet and their sped can reach 65 feet a second.

These birds are merciless when it comes to hunting down other marine birds. Like baby pigeons and sometimes grown-ups as well, although they usually seek for wounded ones. They also hunt a bunch of other big birds so they are quite tough.

2. Pitohuis

For hundreds of years people of Papua New Guinee were trying to avoid this bird. And even though Pitohui looks and sings like a true paradise bird, they are actually genuine angels of death you could say.

The Pitohuis is the only one, the single venomous bird in existence. Their skin and feathers have neurotoxic alkaloids, the kind that a poison dart frog has (a very dangerous animal by the way).

They need that venom in order to protect themselves from parasites and their bright color indicates that they have that poison.

It’s interesting how the bird doesn’t t produce the toxins itself, it gets it from Choresinepulchra a type of bug they feed on. So, you might not wanna touch this pretty little bird.

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3. Casuarius

Rightfully considered to be one of the most dangerous birds in the world, Casuarius dwell in the whereabouts of Papua New Guinee.

Their 5 inches super sharp claws can kill a human. They have incredibly potent legs and the run as fast as 30 miles per hour. And it might not look too scary but the fact of the matter is that there are at list 150 known cases of them attacking humans, with 2 fatal outcomes.

These birds are ferocious when it comes to protecting their territory and they can be very aggressive. Although at times they are quite peaceful and they like eating fruits a lot.

4. Peregrine falcon

When somebody mentions words bird of prey, a Peregrine falcon should immediately come to mind. You can rightfully call this bird the master of the sky.

They are one of the most common predatory birds in the world. They feed on smaller birds, vermin, bats and small reptiles.

It’s the fastest bird on the planet and technically the fastest animal on the planet. They can fly as fast as 240 miles per hour, imagine that! It’s so fast, you won’t even notice them.

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5. Eagle

Eagles have very distinctive features. They have very particular type of beak, incredibly sharp claws and a very sharp eyesight, all of which makes them one of the most dangerous predators in the world.

They can fly holding a two-kilo victim in their beak. These guys are quite voracious. They can eat as much as a kilo of fish in just for minutes. These birds are a symbol of power and people praise the, which is evident by the fact that we use their image in heraldry very often.

6.Bearded vulture

Gypaetus barbatus also known as the Bearded vulture are not exactly dangerous but there’s one interesting story about them. It’s about a death of Aeschylus – an ancient Greek tragedian.

One day some oracle predicted that Aeschylus would die because of some heavy object falling down on his head. And that made the poor man spend most of his time outside. But that didn’t help him much.

One day, when he was out in the open field, a turtle fell on his head, killing him right on the spot. Seems kind of weird, doesn’t it Not so much because bearded vultures, who mostly feed on bone marrow have a custom of lifting turtles high up in the sky and throwing them down on the ground in order to break their shell.

And so it s possible that in this case the bird though that a shiny bald spot of Aeschylus was a stone and, well you know the rest.

7. Mute Swan

Typically, Mute Swans can be found in lakes, ponds, and small rivers all around the world. And usually, by the time little chicks turn into beautiful fully grown swans, they become extremely aggressive.

They weight around 50 pounds and their wingspan is normally about 8 feet. It is evident that Mute swans can kill dogs if they are forced to protect their nests.

One time in 2012 a man was swimming in a boat on a lake and he got attacked by a mute swan, who actually flipped his boat. According to those who saw it happen, the swan didn’t let the man get to the shore he drowned.

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8. Emu

Emu, aka Dromaiusnovaehollandiae are the second largest birds in the world. They sometimes reach 6 feet, which is pretty high.

Their long legs let them run as fast as 48 miles per hour. But they mostly use those to protect themselves. Plus, they have super sharp claws that allow them to do even more damage.

9. Common ostrich

Common ostrich is kind of like Emu, only they are more frightening. Males can reach 9.5 feet and weigh over 30 pounds. So this bird can pretty much knock you out if it needs to.

Just like Emu, they have long, potent legs that allow them to go 45 miles per hour, which is very fast. And they can use their legs to kill lions even, not to mention humans.

I don t know if you guys know but Johnny Cash was once attacked by an ostrich. He had one particularly violent male living on his farm.

Like one time he kicked Johnny in the gut but luckily the claw hit his belt and not the belly, otherwise, that would probably kill Johnny.

10. Crowned eagle

In Africathey call Crowned eagle an air leopard. And rightfully so because it is one of the deadliest birds in the entire world! 90 percent of its diet consists of mammals.

They mostly prey on primates and rumor has it that there were human skulls found in their nests. By the way they look you can tell that they are not to be messed with.

They do horrible things to monkeys, terrible things you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

11. Barred owl

Barred owl aka Strixvariais a nocturnal predator and it is much stronger than it seems. These birds typically weight about 2 pounds but if they feel threatened, they can attack so ferociously that Well, let s just say, you wouldn’t want to get in the way.

I America, these owl attack people, they go after pets, like cat’s ad stuff. One of these barred owls was even involved in a murder case.

And if you’re interested, you can watch The Staircase on Netflix. It’s a crazy story that is very well worth your attention. So, there you go guys. And that just a small portion of wild and dangerous birds.

Maybe you guys know other kinds of predatory birds that we all should know about. Share your comments, thanks for Reading and see you later!


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