Cretan cleansing is a herb with numerous medicinal properties that have been used by traditional folk medicine for many years. Cistus infusion has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, because it is credited with several times higher antioxidant activity than green tea has. This plant can be helpful in the disease spread by ticks – Lyme disease. Why do you think?  

Cretan Purge 

The Cretan Cretan (Latin Cistus creticus L. ) is a species of plant belonging to the Cretaceous family. It occurs naturally on rocky, mountain slopes from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea. It is an evergreen shrub that grows up to a meter in height, with delicate pink flowers.

In the past, purges were valued for its soothing and astringent effects. In folk medicine, purges were used as a vasodilator and to heal wounds and cuts. It was also used to treat infections and symptoms of colds, such as hoarseness, angina, pharyngitis and bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, as well as joint pain and urinary tract infections. 

Cretan Purge – Properties 

The most frequently mentioned properties of purges include antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and strengthening properties. 

The flavonoids, catechins, gallic acid, proanthocyanidins, rutins and diterpenes contained in the purge are responsible for the antioxidant properties [1]. These are compounds that inhibit the course of reactions leading to the production of reactive oxygen species. Thanks to this, they counteract the development of many diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer or neurodegenerative diseases. The antioxidant effect of the pure is also based on the neutralization of free radicals, thus contributing to the increase of the body’s resistance. By preventing the formation of free radicals, it delays the aging of the body, prevents diseases of old age and cancer.Responsible for the anti-cancer effect is the resin present in the Cretan purge, which contains labdane diterpenes that are cytotoxic in leukemia and breast cancer.

The cistus shows antibacterial properties against numerous strains of bacteria responsible for human infections. The essential oils contained in the Cretan purge are responsible for this. In vitro studies have shown that these compounds are effective in inhibiting the growth of Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria , which is responsible for the development of Lyme disease [8]. Other studies have shown, however, that cistus extracts are, in some cases, equally effective as an antibiotic – neomycin, which confirms the possibility of using purges as an antibacterial agent [7].

The active compounds contained in the purge have antiviral properties – they destroy intestinal viruses, herpes, and shingles, and also support the fight against Candida fungi . 

Taking preparations from the purge helps to fight cardiovascular diseases , congestion, and blood clots , because the polyphenols contained in the purge have a protective effect on blood vessels. Purges can help reduce inflammation in the body and cause wounds to heal faster. It can be successfully used for pain and inflammation of the joints, throat, larynx, bronchi and lungs. In addition, polyphenols are antihistamines and therefore help reduce allergic reactions .

Cretan Purge – Capsules

Cistus capsules are recommended primarily to people who want to strengthen their immunity and struggle with various bacterial, viral or parasitic ailments. They contain at least 20% of polyphenols, supporting the function of the immune system through antioxidant activity (effective in the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, inflammation and even cancer). 

To obtain the desired effect, it is recommended to take 1 capsule 2 times a day after meals. 

Cretan Purge – Price, Where to Buy 

Cretan purges can be purchased in online stores, health food and supplement stores, and herbalists stores, as well as in pharmacies and selected supermarkets. It is available in the form of dried leaves, capsules or tinctures. Prices for 100 g of dried fruit start from PLN 9.90 . You have to pay about PLN 28 for a 50 ml tincture . Capsules are the most expensive , because for the purchase of 90 pieces we will spend over PLN 35 . 

Retan Cretan – Tincture

Cretan cistus tincture is a natural alcohol-based extract of this plant’s leaves. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, such as preservatives, flavors or dyes. Cistus extract is a rich source of polyphenols, capable of catching and neutralizing free oxygen radicals, which, in excess, can lead to oxidative stress. So pure tincture, like the infusion and capsules, supports the proper functioning of the immune system and has a positive effect on the circulatory system.

When using the tincture, do not forget that it should be diluted with water before consumption. The desired proportion is to mix 2 portions of the dropper with cup of water or your favorite juice. 

The above properties of the Cretan purge prove that it is worth including it in your diet in the form of an infusion, replacing it, for example, with black tea. Drinking tea from the purge as a dietary supplement with polyphenols valuable for human health will certainly strengthen the body, improve its functioning and general well-being. For people who are not fond of herbal infusions, purges are also available on the market in the form of tinctures and capsules. 

Urea in the Blood

Urea is a natural chemical substance formed in the body as a metabolite of proteins and other nitrogen compounds [2]. It is mainly excreted by the kidneys, depending on the degree of diuresis. Blood urea level testing is used to diagnose kidney function and metabolic diseases. An important indication for the determination of the concentration of this compound is also the evaluation of protein catabolism in dialysed patients. However, the sensitivity and specificity of the determination of urea concentration for the purpose of assessing kidney function are much lower than the measurement of serum creatinine. Increased values ​​are observed only when renal function is impaired below 25% [3].