10. Zhang Ziyi

, Top 10 Popular Chinese Actresses and Female Models in the World

When I hear the name Zhang Ziyi, I immediately think of “The Road Home” from 1999. This film was a stepping stone for Zhang, who gained popularity after acting in the film. Taking 10th place on this list of fame is no joke, and Zhang Ziyi is undoubtedly one of the hottest actors in China. She was born and raised in Beijing. She lived with Xu Jiely, Zhao Wei and Xu along to become one of China’s top four actresses. What can you say about an individual who has appeared on the covers of over 20 fashion magazines? I think “Hot” is the best term. What’s interesting about her is that at the age of 15 she started appearing in TV commercials after she won the National Youth Dance Championship.

9. Heung-Hye Baek Bianca Bai

, Top 10 Popular Chinese Actresses and Female Models in the World

You can call her the queen of the catwalk stage. Before Baek Heung-hye moved into her acting career, she started out as her model at a famous catwalk modeling agency.

Although she was born, raised and lived in China, she said that Bianca is a Taiwanese and Japanese Half-Cast model. One of her best moments was her nomination for Best Actress in a TV Series at the Golden Bell Awards.

Besides, she graduated from Xin University and is one of the best actresses in China. Above all, those who see her beauty and those who watch “My Dear Stilt,” “Kingfisher,” and “Ace of Sales” have vivid images of Bianca Bay in their minds.

8. Tien Hsi

Tien His is a versatile woman. The Taiwanese actress was once the British-China ambassador. Besides her acting, she is also one of the most famous Chinese writers with extensive experience in the entertainment field. From her looks and the roles she played in the movies, Tien His existed, and will continue to be. She has appeared several times in TV shows and movies that garner huge viewership.

7. Josuna Chrissie Chau

, Top 10 Popular Chinese Actresses and Female Models in the World

Josuna Chrissie Chau came to attention in 2009 with her portrait albums, which debuted in 2009 and 2010. The Hong Kong girl became famous as a Chinese actress and model at the age of 22.

Born in Chaozhou in 1985, Chrissie also studied in Hong Kong. Her first appearance appeared in 2009’s horror film “Womb Ghosts” and has remained popular to this day.

If you’ve seen her films, she’s sexy and gives her a place on our list of top 10 Chinese actresses and models. You would agree that a right is not a privilege to do so. She is currently one of the hottest Chinese models.

6. Lin Chi-ling

, Top 10 Popular Chinese Actresses and Female Models in the World

Taiwanese model Lin was born on November 29, 1974, and has grown into a beautiful girl. She first appeared in public as her model in a TV commercial in 2002. She began her acting career with the film “Red Cliff” directed by John Wu.

In addition, she has also appeared in many TV shows and commercials, attracting a large audience. Some of her famous TV shows include TV-GLA Model News and TV-G Fashion Tracks.

She also appeared in a Japanese drama called TsuminoKoibito. At one point in 2006, she was appointed to serve as a ChinaAirlinesSpokesperson. All of this added to her popularity, but above all, Lin is one of the hottest Chinese actresses.

5. Lynn Hung

Although she is commonly known as Lynn Hung, her real name is Xion Dallin and she is one of the famous Chinese models and actresses. This actress has her beautiful breast shape, and she will tell her it’s her truth if the day she meets her comes. Aaron Kwok is a famous singer, and nothing could be worse than choosing Lynn Hung as her girlfriend. She has acted in several films, including: My Sassy Girl 2, Lp Man, Hello Babies and more.

4. Rustic Gaile Lok

Currently one of the hottest and most popular models in China. Gaile Lok, who calls her the half-cast of her Chinese father and Vietnamese mother, was born in Macau in August 1980, where she lived to become a top celebrity. Her world began to get to know her in 2000, when her romantic film I Do was released, where she was actively involved in the roles of her main characters.

Back in 2004, another super romantic film of hers, “My Sweetie,” brought her back to her screens. In addition to her career, she became a hot topic among Chinese celebrities in 2006 when she began dating one of Hong Kong’s top singers, Leon Lai. She is one of the most beautiful Chinese fashion industry models.

3. Du Juan

, Top 10 Popular Chinese Actresses and Female Models in the World

Most people who love ballet dancing would have known Du Juan earlier. Before switching to modeling, this beautiful Chinese woman was a popular ballet dancer. Her fame rose sometime in 2006 when she finished second in the Ford Supermodel World Championships.

Another title of her first international Chinese supermodel belongs to her. Speaking of her own achievements, she also became the first Asian woman to appear on the cover of the famous French magazine Vogue Paris.

Nevertheless, she is also a celebrity who has appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris 13 times. What does all of this mean? Because she’s sexy, she deserves a place among the third best people. Among other films, China’s American Dream earned her international recognition as she played the role of her main character.

2. Long Rainy Season Zhang Yuqi

, Top 10 Popular Chinese Actresses and Female Models in the World

Even through her photos, she truly agrees that she deserves this list. Kitty Zhang Yugi is one of the actresses to enter the film industry, softly but surprising her industry. In 2008, she starred in the lead role of the CJ7 film, and she has gained a diverse audience in China and surrounding Asian countries. She also played major roles in the Japanese films “Shaolin Girls” and “All About Women”. In addition to her films, she has appeared on the covers of famous magazines such as Elle Magazine.

1. Fan Bingbing

, Top 10 Popular Chinese Actresses and Female Models in the World

Fan Bingbing has a huge fan base as the name goes on. Who is in the Forbes Top 10 for the 10th year in a row? Fan Bingbing made it to Forbes’ Top 100 list and made it to the top 10 for the first time since 2006. Within ten years, she reached number one for four consecutive years in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. what about her? What will she do best? This celebrity is a model, actress, pop singer and TV producer.

Those who remember the 1999 mega-hit TV series “My Fair Princes” remember this woman well. Fan Bingbing hosts a series movie premiere or fashion show in China. Her fame is recognized nationally in China as well as internationally in the world.