Biggest Dogs In The World

Your companion on the journey of world discovery Did you realize that the previous dogs are incredibly big? Ohh…actually, there are many giant dogs existing in the world, some even weigh up to hundreds of kg. surprising right?

The upcoming photos will be clear evidence for what I just said Now, let’s come with Biggest dogs in the world Tibetan Mastiff Although this dog breed is not as big as other type of dogs, still, Tibetan Mastiff cannot be missed from our list.

They weigh up to 60kg and some are even taller than 75cm Dogue de Bordeaux This dog breed is originated from France. If you need a dog guard, then here you go, this one is such a perfect choice for you.

They weigh up to 68kg and are 70cm tall Black Russian Terrier This is a Russian dog breed, the male usually weighs up to 60kg and are 75cm tall. The female weigh less than the male ones, still, they are known as a strong dog breed and very loyal Saint Bernard This is a gorgeous and loyal dog breed with a weight of 77kg and a height of 67cm.

Saint Bernard is created by cross-breeding between the Swiss native dogs and the Asian Tibetan Masftiff Newfoundland This is a dog breed from Canada, they are the result of cross-breeding between native dogs and Tibetan Mastiff dogs.

Although owning a huge size with a weight of 70kg and a height of 75cm, still, they are pretty friendly and kind Leonberger Leonberger is a rare dog breed and is adopted at a very high price. However they are very smart.

Moreover, they usually weigh around 80kg, but the males tend to be slighter than the females Irish Wolfhound This is a dog breed from Iceland with a height of 1m and weigh around 50kg.

According to the book of Oliver Goldsmith published in 1796, this dog breed is confirmed to be very grumpy and agressive Great Dane Great Dane is originated from Denmark, having a strong appearance along with gentleness.

With a height of 80cm and weigh around 90kg, they deserve to be included in this list Anatolian Shepherd This dog breed is originated from Turkey. They are well-known as a body guard for their boss against many enemies in the animal world.

Each of them usually weigh around 50-68kg, and is 70cm. they usually live in large groups and are also independent as well, willing to fight with aggressive enemies Lastly, is Mastiff People often assume that Mastiff is the largest dog breed in the world with a weight of 100kg.

They used to be known as a wild beast that appeared in the battles of Romanian

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