Top 10 Biggest Animals Caught By Human Being

who’s your companion on the journey of discovering the world. From ancient times, people have always been surprised by the mysteries that nature brings.

One of the things that surprises us is the enormous size of many animals that once existed on the planet. What do you think if one of the giants falls into the hands of a human?

A carp that weighs over 100 kg or a squid weighs up to 500kg! 10 biggest animals caught by human being

Number 10: Crocodile

With sharp jaws and ferocious eyes, crocodile has become an obsession with many people. Therefore, there have been famous films about the huge crocodiles.

Have you ever wondered about the real size of the largest alligator? The largest crocodile measured by humans is called Lolong, a saltwater crocodile in the Indo-Pacific.

This deep fish has a length of 6.17 m and weighs 1,075 kg. It was captured at a Bunawan creek in the province of Agusan del Sur in the Philippines on September 13, 2011.

The giant crocodile was hunted for a period of three weeks. After being found, it was required 100 people to bring it to the mainland.

Unfortunately, Lolong died in captivity only 18 months later, in February 2013. He suffered from heart, kidney and lung diseases maybe because of the overweight status.

Number 9: Lobster

Lobster is a species with a long body, a muscular tail, and a pair of large, powerful claws. A big lobster’s claws are strong enough to cut a can of carbonated drink!

Most of us are familiar with the food made of lobster weighing only 1-2kg. However, these lobsters are nothing to the biggest one caught by human being, which is 20kg of weight and 90cm in length.

According to the Guinness World Records, this giant lobster was caught on the coast of Nova Scotia – Canada, in 1977.

According to the researchers, this lobster may have reached 100 years of age. It’s been half a decade since the super lobster fell in the fishing net, but no lobster has broken that record yet.

February 2012, citizens in Maine, USA also caught a giant lobster weighing 12kg. Many people in Maine said that in 1926, a 24 kg lobster was discovered, unfortunately it was cooked before being listed in the Guinness World Records.

Number 8: Mice

This rodent has always been an obsession with many people. They even caused the Black Death by spreading the plague.

The sight of hundreds of mice gathering in one place is scary, how would you react if you saw this giant mouse! Pest control workers in London, UK, caught a large mouse in the city playground.

Tony Smith, 46, a gas pipeline engineer discovered the giant mouse crawling near the children’s playground while working at the building.

According to his estimates, it must be as big as a Jack Russell dog, weighs 11kg and has a length of about 1.2m including the tail. This mouse is thought to be a brown mouse species.

On average, each fully-grown brown mouse is about 30cm long including its tail and weighs from 0.3 to 0.5kg.

They are the only animals that live in Britain’s sewers. The reason these mice have become that big is probably because they were immune to the rat poison.

Moreover, trash cans full of leftovers that are always opened, creating opportunities for them to eat as much as they want. That’s why they’re out of weight control.

Number 7: Wild boar

Different from the sluggish, lazy pigs, boars are known to be fierce with sharp fangs and solid muscles. The average weight of wild boars is about 80-100kg.

Hunting wild boar is the goal of many hunters, but not everyone can get a satisfactory result. Yet in 2015, a hunter in Russia was lucky to catch a boar weighing more than 500 kg in a forest in the Ural Mountains (Russia).

In fact, the giant boar weighs 535 kg and is 1.7m high. According to the Oddity Central, the 36-year-old hunter Maximov did not expect that he could hunt the largest boar ever, which any hunters always wishes for.

In order to hunt this beast, Maximov had to lure around the wild boar and return to the observatory, when he discovered the target, he tried to calm down for shooting the target without taking its life.

He has posted and shared photos of his victory on social networks and quickly became popular.

Number 6: Catfish

Catching giant catfish is such a big booty for many fishermenHowever, a catfish weighs over 100kg is extremely rare.

The man who caught this giant catfish was Dino Ferrari, an Italian fisherman. The fish is 2.67m in length and 127kg was caught by Dino in the Po River basin, Northern Italy.

This is a cannibal catfish whose scientific name is Wels Catfish, as known as Sheatfish originating from Europe. The maximum length of a Wels is about 4m. In fact, catching a 2.67 m Wels is unprecedented.

Perhaps it will take quite long for another catfish appear to break the record of the 128kg one.

Number 5: Squid

Squid is a favorite dish of many people. But most of us know that a squid is as big as our hands. In the deep ocean, there are actually many breeds of huge squids.

As you can see from the picture, this squid was found by New Zealand fishermen in Antarctica in early 2007 and it was frozen. It is 14.5 meters long and weighs nearly 500 kg.

This is the largest individual of colossal squid species ever discovered. However, according to scientists, this species can reach a much larger size and weight.

Scientists were surprised by the size of its eyes after thawing. The width of the eye is up to 27 cm. They said it was dead and frozen so the eye was shrunk, it could reach 40 cm if the squid alive.

Number 4: Ray

Another fish on the list today is ray. Rays are made of hard and elastic cartilage. Their meat is delicious and nutritious. The normal rays that fishermen often catch weigh only about 20 kg.

In 2019, a group of Indian fishermen caught a giant ray of 1.3 tons that broke the record about this species in 2015.

According to media reports, fishermen sold this 1.3-tonne ray to a local trader for $ 850. Do you think this price is too cheap? Leave your comment below.

Number 3: Snake

In 2013, the Guinness World Records recorded a 136kg, 7.6m long Medusa python. Currently, the largest snake in the world is living in Kansas City (Missouri, USA).

But that record was soon broken. In 2016, a snake weighing 3 times heavier appeared. Workers at the Belo Monte dam site in Brazil discovered a giant python that weighs nearly half a ton who has a total head-to-tail length of 9.7m and a torso diameter of up to 1m.

To lift this gigantic creature off the ground, workers had to resort to chains and cranes. Based on the yellow spots on the belly of the python, experts believe this is an Anaconda – the largest, most ferocious python species on the planet.

Anaconda often live underwater, or hide in marshes, rivers, caves in the jungle in the Amazon basin, South America.

Although moving slowly, with ‘extraordinary’ health and sharp teeth, this python can knock down and swallow large animals easily.

Now, it’s the most interesting part of the that is to decode the most controversial picture. A giant fish. Most people would think it is some kind of sea fish.

However, it’s the largest carp caught in Thailand, it is the animal in our next part. Let’s get back with

Number 2: Carp

Underwater life has always been a mystery to humans. Perhaps that is why the enormous size of aquatic animals can always surprise us.

How much does the largest carp ever weigh? 2-3-5 or 10kg? It’s nothing compared to this super large carp! In 2019, a giant Siamese carp, weighing 105 kg, was caught by a British angler after 80 minutes of fighting with it in a lake in Thailand.

The man who caught the giant fish was John Harvey, 42, from England. John’s fish that broke the previous world record belonged to another Siamese carp weighing 46 kg.

Siamese carp is the largest carp in the world. They are found in natural habitats in river basins in Asia. Thailand’s rivers are home to many species of giant Siamese carp, attracting famous anglers from all over the world.

Although it looks scary, they are gentle, slow-moving, who eat mainly vegetables and algae, not live animals.

Number 1: Shark

Today’s champion belongs to the king of the sea – sharks. Bluntnose Sixgill, which is considered the largest shark in the world, was accidentally trapped in the net of two Croatian fishermen.

This shark was caught in waters near the Sibenik, Croatia. Two local fishermen, Marin Salov and Marko Sola, were overwhelmed when they found the giant six-gill shark in their net.

Mr. Sola said: ‘The shark was caught at the depth of 220 meters, with a length of 5.7 meters and weighs 700kg.’ Soon after, they found that the shark got pregnant.

So, they just took a video as a proof then released the shark. 6-gill sharks are one of the largest primitive sharks whose length can be up to 8 meters.

Unlike the fierce image in the movies, the 6-gill shark are practically not dangerous, as they live in deep water. They rarely come into shallow water, especially at night.

Those sharks live in all seas around the world. In the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in the Adriatic, sometimes they are also trapped in the net of fishermen. That are the huge animals unexpectedly caught by human being.

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