Top 10 Beautiful Sports Women Of Europe

Who will accompany you on the journey to explore the world? Referring to the female athletes in the world, if you are a true sports fan, you will surely remember many extremely talented people that always make the audience admire!

So if a star has both an innate talent and beauty, he/she will surely make you unforgettable when mentioned. European sports are no exception, as the female athletes here often look not inferior to the stars in the movie industry. You still do not believe it? Let’s admire the “10 beautiful sports women of Europe”! Let’s get started!

10. Alisa Manyonok – Russia

Alisa Manyonok is known as the “volleyball angel” of Russia because of her angelic face and hot body like a supermodel. The beauty was born in 1995 in Vladivostok, southern Russia. Ever since she was in school, she loved volleyball and participated in competitions for students.

With a height of 1.82m, blond hair, and a beautiful face like a barbie doll, Alisa started to attract the attention of the public from here. Thanks to her talent and beauty, Alisa is quickly promoted to the professional Primorye volleyball club.

However, she still spent time determinedly pursuing her studies at Kazan University. Besides competition and study, Alisa is also a formidable opponent in the beauty arena. Russian athletes have competed in more than 10 beauty contests at home and abroad and won high rankings such as Miss Primorye in 2013, Miss Russia Body in 2015, or Miss Tatarstan in 2015.

Also, Alisa Manyonok is the face that represents the country. Russia competed in the 2015 International Supermodel Contest in Thailand. Most recently, she registered and won the beauty prize at Miss Earth Belarus and World Beauty Queen Russia.

After more than 4 years famous as the “goddess of volleyball”, Alisa decided to retire from sports to focus on developing another passion that is a professional model.

9. Caroline Wozniacki – Denmark

Known as the “Danish Princess”, the beautiful tennis player Caroline Wozniacki has 14 years of professional competing all over the world. She achieved the highest rank in her career as the world’s No. 1 in October 2010 and held this position for 67 weeks to January 2012.

7 years later, on January 29, 2018, she returned to the peak of her glory after winning the Australian Open 2018. Besides the No. 1 position and the undisputed talent, Wozniacki also owns a standard body of a model, with luxurious and charming beauty.

Thanks to that, a series of lucrative advertising contracts have come to her, giving her the title of the 2nd most highest-paid female athlete in the world in 2011. In June 2019, Wozniacki married to famous basketball player David Lee. They had a fairy-tale wedding.

In late 2019, she announced that she would retire after the 2020 Australian Open, a decision that shocked many people because Wozniacki was only 29 years old then.

8. Lieke Martens – Netherlands

The female player Lieke Martens is playing for Barca and the Dutch national team. She is considered a Messi of women’s football. She said that being compared to Lionel Messi is her greatest honor, and although she shares the same Barca shirt, every time she meets the Argentine idol, Martens is extremely confused and does not think she would be able to stand next to Lionel Messi… Lieke’s forte is the attacking midfielder.

As a left-footed player, with good dribbling ability and tactical vision, Martens makes every defensive player afraid when facing her. Therefore, Martens is a key member of the Dutch women’s team.

With her talent, she was honored to win the title of the best female player in Europe 2016/17. Besides, she was also nominated for The Best FIFA Women’s Player award. Despite her hard training, Lieke’s beauty is also ranked among the top in sports.

The female player has blonde hair with a pretty face and a standard body. Therefore, Martens is always the focus of many eyes every time she steps on the pitch. If there’s a beauty contest for female players, Martens is definitely a strong candidate.

7. Antonija Sandrić – Europe

Dubbed as the basketball queen of Europe, Antonija Sandrić has made the hearts of many fans agitated for many years. Possessing an ideal height of 1m81, Antonija Misura makes men afraid every time appearing in front of the camera.

The Croatian basketball player and her national team won the Bronze Medal in 2009 Mediterranean Olympic Games and the Jolly JBS National Championship. However, the lovely face and hot body are the factors that make Misura become famous all over the world.

Previously, she often received a high income by being a part-time model in her country. Her beauty first stepped out of the border in 2009, when the Croatian women’s team attended the 2009 Mediterranean Games in Pescara.

Here, 80 photographers from 23 countries unanimously voted Antonija as the beauty of the tournament. The name Antonija Misura became really popular around the world when she was summoned to the team for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Thanks to the help of readers on the social networking site of Reddit, the Bleacher Report commented that this was The most beautiful athlete in the Olympics. She also took photos for the covers of many world-famous magazines.

6. Amber Hill – England

Perhaps when looking at the photos of Amber Hill, many people think she is a model. But, the truth is the life of this beautiful 22-year-old girl is associated with… gunfire. Amber Hill has been familiar with shooting at the age of 10.

Only two years later, she was a member of the English youth team. At the age of 15, Amber Hill began to represent the United Kingdom playing in major tournaments. In fact, Amber Hill has made significant strides over the years.

In the 2013 world tournament, she leveled the world record when she hit 74/75 discs. In 2015, Amber Hill won a gold medal in both the European Cup and the World Cup.

Due to being young, this female athlete also “upgrades” this very hard shooting sport to a very feminine sport like bullets fired by Amber Hill made in pink and engraved with her name.

Not only conquering fans with talent, but Amber Hill also made people crazy about her charming beauty. The British gunner has a beautiful face, a healthy and sexy body. On Instagram or Twitter, Amber Hill is also a “star” with more than 10,000 followers, as she regularly updates hot images.

5. Alina Zagitova – Russia

Alina Zagitova, born in 2002, is the “skating princess” of Russia. Only 17 years old, but she has an impressive record. Alina won the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in 2017. This talented girl won the 2018 national championship and the 2018 European championship before coming to the Winter Olympics in 2018.

At Pyeongchang Olympic held in South Korea in 2018, she was the first Russian athlete to win a gold medal. The Russian government awarded the young female athlete a BMW X6 car as a reward.

Despite being only 1.55m tall, Alina has a well-proportioned body and a bright face. Thus, many people would love to wait for her performance as medicine to dispel tiredness. Beautiful and talented, Alina received great affection and admiration from the public.

In May 2018, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also presented a 3-month-old Akita dog to the “ice princess”. The dog is named Masaru, which means “winning”.

4. Lucy Robson – England 25-year-old

Lucy Robson was born in London, England. She moved to the United States since she was 5 years old and was issued a “Blue Card” in 2005. She played golf since childhood and showed an endless passion for the sport.

Not only possessing an angelic face, but Lucy Robson also has a hot body like a supermodel. She received the first prize in Treasure Coast in 2012 and 2013. In addition, Lucy is known for playing golf for both South Florida and Cal Poly Mustang University.

Therefore, Lucy Robson soon became one of the most attractive stars in women’s golf in the world. Apart from playing sports, Lucy is also a social networking star with nearly 650,000 followers.

The challenges she created on social networks are always feverish, even there are attractive rewards for anyone who can do what conquers her heart. Sharing, receiving advertising contracts, and modeling is her big source of income besides participating in golf.

3. Angelika Timanina – Russia

Angelika Timanina was born in 1989. She is a famous athlete in Russia. She was the captain of the national team in the artistic swimming. She used to lead the team to once win the Olympic Games in 2012 and won 11 gold medals in the world and 2 gold medals in Europe.

In 2016, she retired from swimming and switched to surfing. In the new sport, Angelika Timanina continued to achieve good results and won tickets to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. She could have competed in the summer of 2020 but the event was moved to 2021.

Owning a beautiful face and a standard body, she received many sexy photographing invitations from magazines for men with huge sums of money. However, Angelika Timanina firmly refused: “I have received so many offers. But my goal is different.

I want to be the second Maria Sharapova to have more attractive advertising contracts rather than busts like the way many people did.” To do this, she hired a PR representative and started to become a public figure. This has gradually been effective. Currently, Angelika’s main income comes from advertising photography and Instagram.

2. Laure Boulleau – France

Laure Boulleau, a French female player, is known as the most beautiful female player in the world. Although she has turned 30, she still retains her talent and superior beauty. The female player possesses charming French traits that deserve to be compared to world stars.

But Boulleau chose to follow her passion for a football career. Laure’s forte is the defender, who is the steel shield of the French team. In her career, she has participated in World Cup and played for the famous Paris Saint Germani club.

Not only talent, but beautiful Laure Boulleau also has admirable kindness. She usually does charity work and raises funds to help disabled children and the elderly. In the final round of the 2011 World Cup, Laure was voted into the list of the sexiest women in the football. Up to now, despite having decided to retire, Laure Boulleau has always been the favorite name of football fans.

1. Alica Schmidt – Germany

Alica Schmidt, 21, is currently one of the rising stars of the German sports. Competing in athletics, Alica Schmidt is receiving great expectations when participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In addition to being a talented athlete, Alica Schmidt also attracts a lot of attention with a beautiful and hot appearance. Even more, the beauty has been praised by the Australian Busted Coverage magazine as the sexiest female athlete on the planet.

However, this title totally deserves Alica Schmidt. Possessing dreamy beautiful hair, a photogenic face, and a flawless perfect body, Alica Schmidt is also very confident to share her hot images on social networks.

Alica Schmidt now has more than 625,000 followers on social networks. And with the reputation in her home country, Alica Schmidt also had the opportunity to be the face of a series of famous sports fashion brands.

However, she also refused many opportunities to appear in major magazines because, for her, sports is always the first priority. Alica Schmidt herself also owns a very impressive competition performance when she once helped the country win a silver medal in the 4×400 meter relay at the U20 European Championship in 2017.

By last year, the beautiful female athlete continued to make a strong impression with the bronze medal at the U23 European Championship. So we have admired the 10 talented and beautiful women of European sports. Do you think they deserve the title? Who do you impress the most?

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