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Top 10 Most Strong and Aggressive Dog Breeds

Top 10 Most Strong and Aggressive Dog Breeds

Calling dogs straight-up dangerous is very wrong because they are human’s best friends after all. There are many factors that make dogs aggressive. This could be breeding, improper training, conditions of detention as well as many other things.

Any dog lover will tell you that the most dangerous dogs in the world are the ones that were raised in the wrong way. Just like any animal, dogs can be aggressive.

There were many cases of dogs attacking people throughout history. And today we are going to look at some of the most inherently dangerous types of dogs in the world. Get yourselves comfortable guys and let s start.

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier Top 10 Most Strong and Aggressive Dog Breeds
Image by Phimchanok Srisuriyamart from Pixabay

According to Petolog and Dogs bite from September 1982 to December of 2014 in the US and Canada, pit bulls attacked and injured 2110 people, 295 of which died.

Pit bulls have massive, muscular bodies, incredible bite force that reaches 870 pounds on a square meter. So, you can kind of see why these guys are very rough and why people in the US think they are dangerous.

Back in the days, they used to make pit bulls fight one another. These dogs are unusually strong indeed. If they’re not trained then they are most likely violent and out of control.

These guys need to be tamed and taken good care of. They require a lot of attention and if you give it to them, they’ll grow into good, well-behaved doggies.

2. Dobermann

Image by Yama Zsuzsanna Márkus from Pixabay

Doberman is of the most popular dog breeds in the world. And they are also very dangerous. They appeared in Germany in the late 19 century.

They have great endurance, they run very fast and they look all nice and elegant. They’re also loyal and fearless. Their average height is 2.5 feet and they typically weigh about 100 pounds.

All of which makes them a great guard dog. In reality, they’re not as aggressive as many people tend to think. They only act aggressively towards crazy and hostile people.

Although of course like any dog, they can sometimes attack a person without any particular reason. They have a choleric temperament.

And because these dogs get used to their owners so much, sometimes they can be overly protective, which means they can attack other people and other dogs without any particular reason.

So, it’s very important to pay attention to them from a very young age and try to make them as sociable as possible.

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3. Boerboel

Image by Jan Steiner from Pixabay

Boerboelis a service dog breed from South Africa. And even though World Canine Organization doesn’t recognize them as an official breed, these dogs are still recognized as some of the most powerful and dangerous kinds of dogs on the planet.

This is also evident by the fact that it is forbidden to breed these dogs in some countries. As absurd as it may seem, these dogs were originally designed to protect people from leopards. And sometimes in a fight against a leopard, they would actually win.

So overall, these dogs are very strong, they have a great response and they usually weigh about 200 pounds. Interestingly, most dog handlers say that only experienced people can deal with this kind of dog. Those who have years of experience.

By the way, Boerboel requires a lot of training. They need it like no other dog. Because if they’re not trained right, they will turn into an ultimate killing machine.

They can attack and bite for no particular reason. Just because they are inherently aggressive. But if you take care of it from the very beginning then you’ll surely get yourself a nice dog that you can always count on.

4. Dogo Argentino

Image by thereseb87 from Pixabay

Dogo argentine always gets a lot of attention. First of all, their looks always frighten everyone around. Originally, these dogs are intended for hunting boars.

And these dogs are fearless, they possess incredible strength and endurance. And these days they also use them in the police and for search and rescue operations.

These dogs are also quite stubborn and they can tolerate pain very well. But their unstable temperament can sometimes be a problem.

Although of course if you take good care of them, they grow up to be good doggies. Their aggressive features have to do with the fact that people used to make them fight another dog. I guess we can fairly say that these dogs are quite remarkable and pleasant to look at.

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5. Caucasian Shepherd

Image by George Ion from Pixabay

The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the largest dogs in existence. And they can be quite dangerous. Caucasian Shepherds recommend socializing these dogs when they’re still little.

It is very important to show these dogs that their master is the most important figure in their life. So that they obey you and listen to whatever you say to them.

If you don’t do that then after a couple of years it will be impossible to change the dog’s train of thought. Also, you shouldn’t leave kids alone with these dogs. Because the kid s screaming can be misinterpreted by the dog as a kind of threat.

A properly raised Caucasian Shepherd however is a great dog and it will protect its owner s house no matter what.

6. Canary Mastiff

Canary Mastiff
Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

It’s funny how some of the dogs that can be very dangerous actually don t look dangerous at all. While they really can fight and bite and be all menacing and that.

So Canary dogs are kind of like that. They are essentially a shepherd dog that appeared in Spain. They have a wide chest, curved sort of ribs, strong limbs, short muzzle, and their head essentially looks like a kind of cube.

All of this sort of indicates that a Canary dog is a dangerous type of breed. And they can be quite aggressive at times.

They typically don t trust people they don’t know so don t be surprised if they feel like attacking you. And so, because they often act so unpredictable, it is forbidden to breed these dogs in some countries of the world.

Like in Australia for example it’s not allowed. Same thing in New Zealand and Malesia. And as usual, you can train those dogs to make them less aggressive but that requires a lot of effort, lots of love, and respect. But it’s all worth it because, in the end, you get a very loyal and reliable friend.

7. Rottweiler

Image by 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 from Pixabay

Despite the fact that some Rottweilers don t look too menacing and are not as muscular as pit bulls, they often surpass their American friends in many things. One of those being bite force.

Their sis 1130 pounds per square meter. Apply to that their muscular legs, their torso, a heavyweight that sometimes revolves around 110 pounds, and their genetically embedded feature of protecting the house and their owner and you’ll get a true German monster.

This dog will protect its house and master till it’s dead. There aren’t that many dogs who can deal with it in terms of strength and endurance.

And if you don t pay attention to your Rottweilers, they can become very bitter and turn into real monsters you don t want to mess around with. It’s not easy training Rottweilers but if you manage, you get yourself a good and solid gold friend.

8. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff looks very pretty. And most importantly, they are a very calm kind of dog. Back in the olden day’s people were using them for search parties and they also made for great shepherd dogs.

One of the things they’re really good at is navigation, which is why they are great shepherds. And if we think about the past, these dogs are known for leading entire caravans.

So why is it that these dogs are on our list you might ask? Well, because of their massive size, these dogs are extremely strong. Also, as you know, appearances are deceptive.

They might look cute on the outside but they are actually real aggressors on the inside. Not always though. Only if their master is in danger. Apart from that, they are pretty peaceful.

Also, they bark very loudly. They have this very distinctive, powerful voice that frightens anyone who hears it. Also, their bite force is incredibly strong but it’s hardly surprising if you take into account their enormous size.

9. Tosa

Image by ZebraZ from Pixabay

Tosa dogs, which they sometimes call a Japanese mastiff is the only Japanese molossus breed. This breed is extremely rare, it appeared in the late 19 century.

They were used in dog fights and served as bodyguards. Just like with other dogs on our list, these dogs only got more ferocious and aggressive with time.

They are big dogs that weigh around 190 pounds. They are territorial creatures, they’re pretty much fearless and can attack and bite and tore apart anybody who they see as a threat. Plus, these Japanese dogs boast great physical capabilities and they have a very powerful bite force.

They can easily bite through hard objects and dog handlers say that they are one of the most dangerous kinds of dogs in the world and that people often have problems and difficulties raising them. So if you were thinking about getting one of those, perhaps you might want to think again.

10. Chow Chow

Image by Marius Kristensen from Pixabay

Chow Chow looks like a kind of mini lion you could say. They look all furry and cute and cuddly but you shouldn’t let their appearance fool you.

These dogs can even pose danger to their owners. These dogs are proud, aggressive, dominant and they don t tolerate smaller dogs.

Sometimes they attack without making any sound at all. Here is how one small chow chow once bit a poor little pug. Doctors say that people often suffer from severe chow chow bites.

Some say that you simply can’t train a dog like that because they are very independent. But I guess we could say for sure that if you take good care of them very early in life, you can make them behave in the future.

Which one of these doggies did you guys like most? Would you like to pet one of them? Tell me about it in the comments, thanks for reading, see you later!

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